Simone Ahá

Simone Ahá

Simone Ahà is the DJ-alias of Simon Lundsgaard. He is one of the founders of Vumbuka Records. Despite originating from Denmark Simon lives in Budapest, where he is resident DJ at The Studios. Here he is co-organising the monthly DJ-event, Studios Sounds. Simon’s diverse experience with DJ’ing have brought him to many different events and festivals around the world. Most recently as resident DJ at the live-stage at Distortion Ø.

All continents on the globe are represented in Simone Ahà’s ever-growing music collection. He did a thorough research on South African kwaito and produced Qhum Qhaks, the new album from Durban-based kwaito artist, Sandy B. Simone Ahà frequently visits radio stations like Le Mellotron, Red Light Radio and Kiosk Radio for guest mixes or chats.

Sandy b

Sandy B

With the fall of the apartheid-era in South Africa rose new opportunities for the before oppressed population. This gave space to kwaito, a celebrating music genre mainly cultivated by the black population. Sandy B, who was not more than 17 at the time, had a local hit in 1995 with his ep Amajovi Jovi. During the following decades he would move actively within the local music scene and touch a variety of genres including afro-pop, deep house, R’n’B and Soul.

In the mid 2010’s around 20 years since its release crate diggers and DJ’s across Europe and North America discovered Amajovi Jovi and started dropping tracks from the album. In late 2017 the album was reissued on Canadian label, Invisible City Editions giving a new lease of life to a forgotten classic and giving this once little known artist an international reputation.