Simone Ahá and Sandy B

Our story

The story of Vumbuka Records started on a dark dancefloor in Berlin, an early morning in 2017. Simon Lundsgaard aka Simone Ahà, a Danish DJ and vinyl collector, was dancing when suddenly an unknown South African kwaito-track blasted out of the speakers. Many months later he finally stumbled into the title of this obscure track: Student Night by Sandy B.

In December 2017 Simon had arranged to meet Sandy B’s in Durban, South Africa. Prior to his arrival he had spent five weeks in Johannesburg researching the South African music genre ‘kwaito’ as preparation for the collaboration with Sandy B. It turned out that the two of them had a very efficient workflow and in eight days they ended up with ten new Sandy B tracks.

simone ahá and sandy b

Vumbuka Records

During the following months Simon and Sandy would struggle to find a record label, who would release their album, and so they ended up with the decision to found their own record label. This was the birth of Vumbuka Records.

Vumbuka means ‘get up’ in zulu. Vumbuka Records was created on a spirit of being open minded towards unfamiliar sounds and cultures and therefore the label is not limited to only one kind of music.

Behind the scenes